Sword is a recurring weapon type from the Babylonian Castle Saga.


The Tower of DruagaEdit

(unnamed) - Gil's starting sword
White Sword
Dragon Slayer
18 Requires the White Sword to be obtained. Avoid touching outer walls to make it appear.
Evil Sword
45 Obtained in Excalibur's place if the player hasn't taken the Balance. It reduces attack power and is lost when Gil is zapped to a lower floor.
45 Requires Dragon Slayer, Antidote, and Balance to be obtained.

The Tower of Druaga (PC Engine)Edit

PCESwordSword (スウォード)0 - Gil starts with this sword.
PCEWhiteSwordWhite Sword
PCESpearSpear (スピア) +616 A long sword with better range.
PCEDragonSlayerDragon Slayer
+222 Causes more damage against dragons.
PCESpellCancellerSpell Canceller
+230 Can reflect spells while the sword is drawn.
PCEEvilSwordEvil Sword
050 Reduces strength. Taken instead of Excalibur if Gil lacks a Balance. Is lost when zapped to a lower floor.
+1050 Requires Balance to be taken, otherwise it will be an Evil Sword.

Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

Sword in an equipment Spell Card.

Card081081Bronze Sword
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card083083White Sword
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card085085Rune Sword
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card086086Samurai Sword
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card087087Bastard Sword
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card088088Seiji no Tsurugi
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card089089Ouja no Tsurugi
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card090090Dragon Buster
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)
Card092092Soul Edge
Equipment Item (Weapon: Sword)

The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino DungeonEdit

Sword is one of the weapon types available. They can be customized in Babylim to have extra effects and enhanced power.

Sword?? A standard sword.
Bronze Sword?? A sword made of bronze.
Iron Sword?? A sword made of iron.
Silver Sword?? A sword made of silver.
Platinum Sword?? A sword made of platinum.
Mythril Sword?? A sword made of the magic metal mythril.
Crystal Sword?? A sword made of special crystal.
Fire Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of fire.
Thunder Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of thunder.
Aqua Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of water.
Ice Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of ice.
Light Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of light.
Dark Sword?? A sword that harbors the power of darkness.
Tebutje?? A sword with shark's teeth along its edges.
Katar?? An Indian sword, characterized by its long, thin hilt with crosspiece handles.
Guardian's Sword?? A sword designed to stop an enemy's attacks.
Master's Sword?? A sword that only a master of the art is allowed to own.
Butcher's Cleaver?? A gigantic sword that can cut even huge slabs of meat in two with a single stroke.
Orihalcon Sword?? A sword made of the legendary ore orihalcon.
Sword of Ishtar?? A sword that houses the power of the goddess Ishtar.
Liberator?? A sword once worn by the hero who saved the Kingdom of Babilim from foreign invaders.
Tizona del Cid?? One of the two swords wielded by El Cid, the Spanish knight and hero. A thunder spirit resides in its blade.
El Cid Colada?? One of the two swords wielded by El Cid, the Spanish knight and hero. An ice spirit resides in its blade.
Durandal?? The sword believed given to the hero Roland by a messenger of the gods.
Short Sword?? A short sword. It's not as sharp as it could be.
Pink Sword?? The sword equipped by higher-ranking Lizard Men.
Cursed Sword?? A sword that gets sharper with every taste of blood. Seems to be possessed. Has the seal of "Richard" on its haft.
Udo's Sword?? An heirloom sword passed down in the family of Imperial Guard Udo for generations.
White Sword?? The sword Gil once used in the Tower of Druaga, it gleams silvery white.
Nin's Razor Sword?? The sword of the legendary swordsman Nin, it has an edge as sharp as a razor.

Druaga Online: The Story of AonEdit

Gil uses swords and axes. He starts the game with the King Sword (キングソード) from Babylim's royal family, and later he can obtain other swords such as Mythril Sword, White Sword, Viper Sword, Heavy Sword, Rune Cutlass, Green Sword, Barbarian Sword, Spell Canceller, Pink Sword, Red Sword, Dragon Slayer, Blue Sword, Sword of Chrome, Hyper Blue Sword, Evil Sword, Excalibur, ...

The Tower of Druaga: The Recovery of BabylimEdit

Other appearancesEdit

  • Excalibur is one of The Tower of Druaga themed items in Tales of Phantasia.


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