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Mattock (マトック), also known as Pickaxe, is an item from the Babylonian Castle Saga.


The Tower of DruagaEdit

Gilgamesh can find three Mattocks in The Tower of Druaga, which allows him to break inner walls a limited number of times. The number of times it can be used resets after completing a floor or obtaining a treasure chest. If the Mattock is used up, the only way to recover it is returning to the floor it was found. Mattocks will break instantly if they are used on an outer wall, including the Gold Mattock.

In the PC Engine version the Mattock usage is for each floor instead of the total, so they are never lost. The exception is the new Rainbow Mattock, which works like an item that can be used only once. It allows Gil to use the Mattock infinitely until he leaves the floor or loses a life. On the Easy and Normal difficulty, the number of times a Mattock can be used can be increased in Gil's stats, the maximum amount of uses being 20 times per floor.

PCECopperMattockCopper Mattock (カッパーマトック)2 Floor 1
PCESilverMattockSilver Mattock (シルバーマトック)5 Floor 7 (Floor 10 in the PC Engine version)
PCEGoldMattockGold Mattock (ゴールドマトック) Unlimited (original)
10 (PC Engine)
Floor 29 (Floor 21 in the PC Engine version)
PCERainbowMattockRainbow Mattock (レインボーマトック) Infinite (one time use)Floor 24 (PC Engine only)

Besides Gil, dragons and some Magicians are also able to break walls.

Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

Mattock is a weapon that can destroy some obstacles.

Card109Rusty Mattock (さびたマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
Card110Copper Mattock (カッパーマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
Card111Silver Mattock (シルバーマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)
Card112Gold Mattock (ゴールドマトック)Equipment Item (Weapon: Mattock)

The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino DungeonEdit

Mattocks aren't present on this game. Instead, Gil can break down any inner walls of a floor by attacking them, but will lose 5% of his HP every time he breaks one.

Other appearancesEdit

  • Silver Mattock is one of The Tower of Druaga items in Tales of Phantasia.
  • In Namco Museum Vol. 3, Pac-Man can find a Mattock and use it to access a hidden version of The Tower of Druaga.

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