Mail is an equipment from The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino Dungeon.

Chain Mail Mail made of chain.
Iron Mail Mail made of iron.
Silver Mail Mail made of silver.
Platinum Mail Mail made of platinum.
Mythril Mail Mail made of the magic metal mythril.
Dragon Mail Mail made from the hide and scales of a dragon.
Crystal Mail Mail made of special crystal.
Fire Mail Mail that harbors the power of fire.
Ice Mail Mail that harbors the power of ice.
Thunder Mail Mail that harbors the power of thunder.
Aqua Mail Mail that harbors the power of water.
Light Mail Mail that harbors the power of light.
Dark Mail Mail that harbors the power of darkness.
Master's Mail The favorite mail of a master swordsman.
Granite Mail Mail made from granite.
Mail of the Cross Mail that only the most elite knights are allowed to wear.
Blue Whale Mail that fends off Magic Attacks with its specially-treated surface.
Staunch Boulder Mail carved out of ultra-hard rock.
Mail of Ishtar Mail that houses the power of the goddess Ishtar.
Eternal Mail Mail that is resistant to a variety of special attacks.
Stronghold Mail as strong and impenetrable as a fortress.
Crimson Ingot Mail that has high Defense but that is extremely heavy.
Kali Yuga Mail forged by the gods of India in preparation for a war that would last 430 thousand years.
Enkidu's Mail Mail worn by the half-beast, half-man hero, Enkidu. It's completely impervious to magic.

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