First Appearance:

No information


Sumer Empire

Family Members

Neeba (Distant Relative)

Jil (Distant Relative)

Voiced By

(Japanese) Michiko Neya
(English) Clarine Harp


Leader of Sumer Revival Team




Deceased: Killed By Neeba

The leader of a group that hopes to revive the lost Sumer Empire, Gremica is a distant relative of Neeba and Jil and was once Neeba's teacher. She ascends the Tower in hopes of capturing Ki, who Gremica believes will be key to her goals. During her ascension, she eventually confronts Neeba and reveals that he d against her faction and stole the Arrows of the Void that aided the defeat of Druaga. Gremica eventually suggests an alliance with Jil and his friends in order to stop Neeba and the Succubus from taking control of the Tower. However, she quickly abandons them to find Neeba, though is forced to leave the Tower when he takes control of the Tower. In Meskia, she reveals to Jil that Neeba is controlling the Tower at the Shrine of Iron and leaves to deal with her former apprentice. When Jil arrives to confront his brother, Neeba has killed Gremica.

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