Chime concept art

Chime (チャイム Chaimu), also known as Bell, is an item from The Tower of Druaga.

Chime is a golden bell found in Floor 4 from The Tower of Druaga. When Gil enters a Floor and the Key is off-screen, once per floor, during the first seconds, the Chime will ring when Gil faces the direction the Key is, helping to save time searching for it.

In the PC Engine version, the Chime has two versions:

PCESilverChimeSilver Chime
3 Like the original Chime, rings when Gil faces the Key in the first few seconds. When used by the player in the menu, it can disable/enable the BGM.
PCEGoldChimeGold Chime
8 Rings when the primary treasure chest from the floor is revealed. When used by the player in the menu, it rings if the treasure was not found yet.

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