Bow (ボウ) is a weapon type from the Babylonian Castle Saga.


Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

Bow is an equipment Spell Card.

Card105105Hunter Bow (ハンターボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
Card106106Archer Bow (アーチャーボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
Card107107Sniper Bow (スナイパーボウ)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)
Card108108Nannaru (ナンナル)Equipment Item (Weapon: Bow)

Druaga Online: The Story of AonEdit

Bow is the weapon used by Walküre. She holds the bow in her left hand and takes arrows with the right hand. Walküre starts with a Silver Bow and Silver Arrow.


Silver Bow (シルバーボウ)


Silver Arrow (シルバーアロー)

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